Our Products

We have about ten natural coatings that we can shape at will, in order to create high quality personalized works for you. Several ranges of tiles are also included in our catalog, in which you can also discover the different types of work that we are able to carry out.

Looking to provide you with the best products, MDY also works in close collaboration with the biggest brands in activity in the fields of interior design and decoration. Our company thus distributes more than 20 prestigious brands, each associated with a very specific universe.

Health alert
 – In accordance with the court decision rendered by the Versailles Court of Appeal on February 22, 2018 questioning the Harmfulness of Quartz kitchen tops; MDY has decided to no longer manufacture or distribute any Quartz kitchen tops.




The galleries

XXL Tiles

 A wide range of XXL tiles with custom cutouts.

Custom mosaics


La Marbrerie des Yvelines is responsible for the manufacture of standard or personalized works, and also allows you to choose your future products from the catalogs of the biggest brands specializing in interior design and decoration.
Whatever the style (contemporary, design, classic) and the type of layout you want, you will surely find what you are looking for, each brand having its own universe and its own specificities.