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Since 1968, MDY working marble, granite and natural stone. The combination of the latest digital technologies and natural stones and pearls from around the world offers a range of designs and unique in the price.

These materials are processed directly in the plant MDY to meet the demands of the most demanding customers in terms of exterior and interior design (stairs, map, basin massive stone paving custom, floor, ceiling rose, kitchen, rooms bathroom ...).

We bring the best of our planet at your doorstep through 4 showrooms presenting the finest coatings from five continents: pearl, crystal glass, stoneware (the classic format, that is to say, 60x60 cm larger, 300x100 cm), mosaic, slate, granite, etc..


Experience and technology

A controlled processing of materials

At all times , marble, natural stone and granite ennobled decoration. Tamed and worked with talent, these noble materials can comply with all requirements.

They are softened , weathered, polished , curved, cleaved , molded or weathered sold in series or individually , they can be used both for interior spaces and external facilities (bathroom , stairs, soil , facade , kitchen ... ) .

Specializes in working marble for decorative purposes for over 30 years , MDY involved at all stages of processing, the extraction of raw material to the production of decorative elements more sophisticated .

The MDY attaches great importance to the quality of raw material and research relentlessly best deposits of marble, granite and other rocks worldwide . Marble offers forty materials , which undergo different treatments depending on the desired finish , and a wide range of colors.

Once selected and imported materials are packaged and shaped in the factory of MDY , or for the manufacture of standard products ( from 45 € per m2 for floors and stairs straight steps) or for custom creations ( very precise thanks to its digital machines achievements ) .



Since its inception in 1968, MDY combines craftsmanship, experience and high-precision technology.

In 1988, the transition to the industrial stage, with the advent of digital machine in his workshop had a positive repercussion on the quality of its products and their cost. It also gave him the opportunity to make much more precise and aboutis before work, while reducing the execution time.

Perfect mastery of the craft, combined with techniques evolving, allows MDY offer personalized high quality products at competitive prices. Thus, it is able to meet the many demands of a wide clientele (designers, architects, developers, installers, private ...).


Our services

Careful preparation of the work plan

For optimal realization of your works, MDY attaches great importance to the work study carried upstream.

We assure you:
  • a serious and careful technical and commercial assistance;
  • a specific pattern layout of work (scale drawings of the embodiment of the assembly to be made);
  • services of a study where trained technicians, equipped with powerful hardware (A0 digitizer, plotter inkjet connected to Autocad 2000) operate office.

Manufacturing materials

All processing steps are performed on the material in our modern processing plant, located Villepreux, and in which ten people working. Regularly trained in-house to new technologies quickly implemented for shaping (CNC machines, programmable edger with laser sight ...), our skilled workers are reliable, accurate and work quickly.

Delivery of work

Our large warehouse located near our factory Villepreux, enable us to carry large inventories. Our logistics department is responsible for management and monitoring of controls, an organization that guarantees fast delivery.


For installation, we use our network of specialized master craftsmen. They are selected based on their experience and the type of product to install.

Coordination between our and marble setters is close and systematic as they present the preliminary study to work on delivery desired by our clients works. Their participation in the project as a whole allows potential problems early anticipation and removes the notion of service.

Note: VAT applied by installers is 10%  

Our services "Plus"

  • Complete installation of the parts to decorate: besides installation of our Marble, we take care of the plumbing, carpentry and electricity. In the bathroom, a single person is responsible for the design and redevelopment that follows.
  • Personalized Service: for the most complex achievements, we do custom work, including the design and redevelopment of or related parts.