Marbles and granites are among the most beautiful treasures on earth. They are the intimate testimony of this, a treasure of patience. The substantive marrow, some would say.

For hundreds of millions of years, our planet will harden, enhance, crystallize and energize the stone, finally revealing it as an exceptional setting. Depending on their colors, their rhythms, their age but also their origin or the very DNA of their crystals, you can read in each stone the geological history of its region of origin. Like the work of a Master, each marble slab is strictly unique.

Why do the greatest decorators systematically use stones for all their projects?

Today, the offer in terms of colors, rhythms or veins has never been so important. There are more than 5500 varieties of stones, marbles and granites listed, from all countries of the world.

To increase their offer and combine textures with colors, marble workers have greatly changed the surface of the marble. Beyond the traditional “polished”, we can now have a raw, acidic, softened, satin, sandblasted, bush hammered, layered, flamée, brushed, patinated, exploded, 3D milled skin to create personalized patterns … plethora of possibilities resulting both from technological development and from the industry’s desire to offer its customers a rich and varied offer.

Thanks to this maze of inspiring alternatives offered by your local decorator since 1968, all styles can now be expressed. Its expertise has already been exported to 46 countries around the world.

Today more than ever, the transmission of the noblest values ​​of our heritage takes place through stonework. The most beautiful architectural achievements in the world are adorned with this sumptuous bark, this gift of nature that are marbles and granites.