Vismaravetro is an Italian manufacturer of shower booths, represented in France by its subsidiary, Vismara France. Vismaravetro designs and produces built-in shower booths, and has established a solid presence on the market in the last few decades. Thanks to top quality products, and an effective commercial strategy, the supremacy of Vismaravetro in terms of constructions is still in its prime. The Vismaravetro reign started in 1907 thanks to Giuseppe Vismara. The firm was specialised in the production and sale of glass panels and tiles at that time. The Vismaravetro business took off nicely and the company expanded and employed several dozen members of personnel. Despite the horrors of the second world war, Vismaravetro was involved in reconstructing the devastation left behind in Italy and the brand became known throughout the country. In 1965, Vismaravetro focused its field of action on the production of glass panes for homes, before turning to shower booths a few years later. Shower rituals have always played an important role in the life of modern man, a fact Vismaravetro was quick to realise. Showers are the time when you prepare for the coming day or, on the other hand, when you relax on an evening, after a hard day’s work. Vismaravetro launched an innovative concept proposing extra-wide and ergonomic shower booths, guaranteeing maximum safety and, above all, pleasure. Vismaravetro offers several collections of shower booths, varying by type of shower and the process used. The “Vismara Slide” series, for example, includes shower booths with sliding doors. With this series, Vismaravetro offers an impeccable design and ease-of-use combined with optimised safety and sealing. The “Vismara In-Out” series is more than a simple shower, this is a space where you can easily sit down and get changed in a highly comfortable environment. The “Vismara Alibi” series aims to reduce and fade out the upright bar in the shower cabin while expanding the area of glass panelling. “Vismara Alibi” showers are therefore practically seamless. “Vismara Sintesi” booths combine simplicity and ease-of-assembly with a great look. This series is Vismaravetro’s frontline product thanks to its multi-purpose design and stylish look. “Vismara Replay” showers are equipped with doors which can fold either in or out. These booths can therefore be fitted in a corner or a niche and are particularly suitable for large rooms. Vismaravetro shower booths are sold in Italy and France in showrooms and from a few approved retailers. Vismaravetro products can also be found at a few points of sale in other European countries.