Mapei France is the French subsidiary of the Italian giant, Mapei, specialised in adhesives for the construction sector. Mapei is the shortform of Materiali Ausiliari Per l’Edilizia e l’Industria, or auxiliary materials for construction and industry. The success of Mapei intimately depended on the perseverance and determination of the Squinzi family. The father, Rodolfo Squinzi, the founder of Mapei, was indeed the person who had the idea of positioning the firm in the chemical and adhesive sector serving the construction segment from the start, ensuring their domination of the market thanks to innovative products meeting all applicable requirements. In the 1970’s, Mapei exported its products beyond the Italian borders and set up operations in Canada. Giorgi Squinzi, the son of Rodolfo, truly brought Mapei into the international dimension from the 1980’s by opening subsidiaries in strategic countries in terms of construction and public works. 1994 was a key turning point in the history of Mapei. The firm acquired Vinavil, the famous white adhesive firm, in this year. Thanks to this operation, the multinational, Mapei, gained ground by extending its operations to other business segments: production of raw materials in polymers, cement works, sand extraction, etc. The French subsidiary, Mapei France S.A, was created in 1984 in parallel with Mapei Corporation in the United States. Mapei France includes approximately 200 employees and two production plants. Mapei France is specialised in the production of adhesives, levelling products, mortars and adjuvants in the construction sector. Here are just a few examples of the frontline products produced by the company: Mapelastic Smart: Mapei liquid sealant for intermediate concrete flooring, whether outdoors or indoors (loggia, patio, balcony, etc.). The kit can be used to treat a surface of approximately 20m2. Mapei Ultralite: adhesive mortar for floor and wall tiling, heated floors and concrete slabs. Mapei Ultralite guarantees optimal performance and less dust. Mapei aims to protect the environment, and 30% of the ingredients of this adhesive are recycled materials. Dynamon: a super plasticiser by Mapei for traditional concrete. This product is effective, even in small amounts, and can also be used to produce self-compacting robust and even concrete. Mapegrout: fast setting micro concrete with controlled shrinkage. Idrosilex Pronto: sealant. This Mapei product is intended to seal concrete car parks, lift pits, cellars and basements. Ultratop System: self-levelling and coloured cement screed, with a “waxed” finish. This Mapei screed is suitable for both the living rooms of individuals and factory warehouses. Mapei France products are distributed in specialised stores and are available from the DIY departments of supermarkets throughout France and Europe.