Ceramic works are an ancient tradition in the Italian town of LaFaenza, and one company decided to pay its respects to this town. The LaFaenza brand has therefore created unique ceramic works since 1874. In the early 1960’s, LaFaenza decided to combine tradition and modernity by specialising in tiles. The company then called on the services of Carlo Zauli, a highly experienced designer, to create some exceptional series of tiles. The most recent creations of Zauli, which currently reflect the image of LaFaenza, are on display in London, at the Victoria and Albert museum. LaFaenza is part of the Imola ceramic cooperative, which includes the leading tiling firms in Italy and exports tiles to the United States and countries in Central America. In recent years, the cooperative, which exports 72% of total production, has achieved record growth thanks to judicial decisions, such as selling the LaFaenza Clip Tile, a highly innovative range of tiles. LaFaenza is a surefire value in the indoor and outdoor furnishings sector, and has managed to stand clearly out from its competitors, while maintaining the authentic nature and beauty of ceramics. To this end, LaFaenza has developed a large collection of tiles able to match any style (terracotta tiles, natural stone pebbles, sophisticated mosaics, etc.). The collection also includes mechanical and technical tiles. Tiles for walls and floors exist in many formats and colours. LaFaenza can offer a range of sanitary articles including taps for bathrooms and kitchens as well as ceramic shower accessories. For pool construction purposes, LaFaenza sells specific slabs resistant to water and the different treatment products, as well as tiles specially designed for outdoor use. LaFaenza products are rotproof, and resist impacts, continuous heat and perforations. Tiles designed by LaFaenza are quick and easy to lay thanks to an automatic fitting system, are non-allergenic, have insulating properties and can even be reused after removal from one surface. Adhesive is not even required for some files as they are designed to fit together. In order to satisfy the wildest desires of its customers, LaFaenza uses an advanced production technology, combined with an incredible imagination and the permanent search for new and appealing approaches. LaFaenza carefully selects the materials it uses to create unique and highly elegant works, stepping beyond the quality of the marble, while ensuring easy upkeep.