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Jacob Delafon is one of the longest standing specialists in taps and sanitary facilities in Europe and throughout the world. Indeed, Jacob Delafon, a benchmark in the field, has been operating for over a century and is constantly upgrading its performance, particularly thanks to its creative approach and the quality of its products. The Jacob Delafon saga started in 1889, when Emile Jacob and Maurice Delafon decided to launch a small sanitary firm. The early days were tough and humbling, but the Jacob Delafon business rapidly became well known and appreciated. Ten years later, Jacob Delafon acquired his first plant at Belvoye in the Jura region. That same year, Jacob Delafon launched the first “granite porcelain” sanitary units on the market. This substance was patented by Jacob Delafon. In 1926, Jacob Delafon started to produce cast iron baths, an operation which proved to be highly successful. Bit by bit, Jacob Delafon widened his reputation by extending the product ranges and setting up tap and sanitary porcelain plants in France and Spain. In 1986, Jacob Delafon joined the Kohler group, which became Kohler France in 2003. Jacob Delafon products clearly match the prestigious reputation of Jacob Delafon. These products, which mainly consist of sanitary units and bathroom, shower, WC and spa furnishings, satisfy strict quality and safety standards, but are also inspired by the designer spirit of the Jacob Delafon brand. Each and every Jacob Delafon bath and sink is designed to optimise user safety and comfort. Jacob Delafon’s strength also resides in its drive to create eye-pleasing products. This approach leads to the customisation of ordinary bathrooms. Furthermore, Jacob Delafon collections include a wide range of bathroom and spa styles, guaranteed to catch your eye and even astound you. Every single Jacob Delafon collection has its own style and reveals its mystery to bath ritual aesthetes, whether looking for pure lines or exquisite curves. The ten Jacob Delafon collections, including “Rêve”, “Purist”, “Stillness”, “Escale”, “Portrait”, “Presqu’île”, “Freelance”, “Ove”, “Odéon Up” and “Odéon”, are all absolutely fabulous and can convert your bathroom into a convenient, ergonomic, soft and comfortable, original, warm and, above all, desired location. As a designer, Jacob Delafon has exceeded his own limits via these various ranges, accessible for all. Jacob Delafon can also offer hydrotherapy and balneotherapy equipment benefiting from advanced technology and easy to install in the home. Jacob Delafon uses professional balneotherapy systems for its equipment, guaranteeing relaxation and massage sessions worthy of the leading institutes. Jacob Delafon sanitary equipment and furnishings are distributed throughout France to around 100 stores specialised in sanitary installations and taps.