World number one on the sink market, Franke celebrated its 45th anniversary this year. In recent times, Franke has extended its range beyond the design of sinks to the production of extraction hoods, valves and waste elimination and sorting equipment. Franke has therefore converted kitchens into its priority sector and, above all, its core business. Franke’s international lead was achieved thanks to the creation of over 250 sink and basin models, all ready to be installed. This wide range of models was achieved based on the firm’s exclusive aim to meet all customer requirements and preferences. Franke also makes it a point of honour to launch a new product on the market each year. Franke can boast one other major advantage: every single one of its products combines technical prowess with innovative design. To stay on top of the game, Franke is constantly carrying out in-depth research, combined with its unrivalled understanding of the materials used to produce sinks. Franke customers can therefore choose between the elegance and resistance of stainless steel, the fun look of synthetic materials such as fragonite and tectonite, or the long-lasting nature of ceramic. Franke extraction hoods do not only ensure pure air in your kitchen, but also decorate your home. Wall-mounted or corner extraction hoods, island hoods, slide-out units, visor hoods or built-in hoods all come with airflow rates of between 500 and 900 m3 per hour, in absolute silence. All hoods available from Franke benefit from the latest technological developments in terms of suction and noise abatement. The Franke catalogue includes hundreds of mixers, all sharing the same great quality and functionalities. Franke can offer a wide range of tap models, coming in many convenient and original designs. If you prefer a classical or traditional look, Franke mixers and mixing valves in old-fashioned styles and discrete colours are guaranteed to please you. Those looking for a fun look will almost certainly adore the modern designs and playful colours of Franke taps. If you have already decided how to decorate your kitchen, take your plans along to one of the Franke distributors spread throughout France. They will be delighted to create your kitchen and an environment to match your tastes. Frankie teams can customise your functionalities, materials, colours and design to match your individual preferences and desires! Thanks to the launch of this concept, Franke can offer more than simple products. Optimising the use of space in your kitchen is the key focus of this new service proposed by Franke. Franke considers walls as fully fledged working surfaces to achieve this purpose. Kitchens are henceforth 3-D and sinks no longer take up space. Your walls can now be considered as storage units and home to the sink.