Fantini has transformed water into its mission, its profession and its passion. Fantini products carefully combine creativity, talent and high-technology, and are currently considered as a benchmark on the tap market. Fantini has produced taps and accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and showers for two generations. Its products are popular around the world thanks to their careful design and advanced innovations. These articles are the pride of the local Piemonte region, and even Italy, and currently decorate the prestigious residential areas of Hyundai and Samsung in Seoul. The range of around twenty mixers and mixing balves for bathrooms is decorated with trims designed by experts and produced by exceptional tradesmen and workers. The chrome and gold trims used by Fantini are available in several hues and combine to nicely flatter the satin-finish or white touches. The product range available, including shower heads and fittings with carefully designed shapes, water jets, and hydromassage shower columns and bars, all bring honour to the Italian designer segment. These articles have received awards and been repeatedly nominated at prestigious events such as Milan Design Week or Design For All, proving the brand’s position in the field. The success of Fantini products with professionals and architects can generally be attributed to their characteristics. “That little bonus, which makes all the difference” could be adopted by Fantini as its motto, as demonstrated by the judicious addition of anti-scale devices and filters on the “Milano” lateral water jets. We could mention one other pure marvel designed by the Fantini team: the white or blue light jets radiating from the “Acquazzurra” shower column, fitted with two horizontal lateral water jets, one flexible cylindrical shower head, a thermostatic mixer and two LED light controls. Fantini has developed mixers and mixing valves for the kitchen with a resolutely modern design, or should we say avant-gardiste for its time. All Fantini products in this kitchen rail are equipped with a swivelling base. The chrome, satin and Stilinox finishes on the housings and handles of Fantini mixers and mixing valves once again make all the difference. If you are looking for something lively in your kitchen, Fantini can also offer some brighter finishes: red, white, oak or wengé now have their role to play next to more traditional or sober colours. Ordinary towel rails or units equipped with shelves, mirrors with shelves and W.C. units all appear on the list of home bathroom units proposed by Fantini. Fantini has extended its range with these new products to allow decorators to add an elegant finish to all types of bathrooms.