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Les Marques

La Marbrerie des Yvelines se charge de la fabrication d'ouvrages standard ou personnalisés, et vous permet également de choisir vos futurs produits dans les catalogues des plus grandes marques spécialisées dans l'aménagement et la décoration.

Inalco Ceramica
Ceramica Bardelli
Astor Ceramiche
Petra Antiqua


Granite has plenty of qualities to offer and is an intrusive igneous rock, whose crystals can be seen with the naked eye. Opt for granite, and opt for eternity and prestige! Thanks to its composition, granite is resistant, particularly when faced with chemical and mechanical aggression. Granite is renowned for its solidity and no specific care is required. This exemplary resistance cannot however entirely prevent all forms of erosion. In fact, granite is not naturally impermeable. To be more precise, not all types of granites offer the same degree of resistance to liquids and stains. The natural properties of granite combined with technological improvements have led to a wide range of applications in the construction of buildings and fittings for urban spaces. Granite is increasingly used for road works, and urban planning and refurbishment projects. Granite therefore ranks top of the list when it comes to outdoor decorations with busy pavements, prestigious public squares, quality pedestrian areas and stairs. Granite is also popular for slabs, paving stones, curbs and drain holes. Granite can also be used to produce pleasant furnishings to decorate public or private areas (fountains, benches, garden boxes, lighting fixtures, etc.). Granite can also be used for massive masonry works and when constructing buildings. If you aim to produce an effect which stands out, granite is certainly the right solution and will guarantee the authentic nature of your façades, entrance doors, windows, and even your garage gate. Granite can be transformed into all types of ashlar, fabulous crowns, majestic lintels and balustrades. It can also be used for external façade coatings or for interior decorations or furnishings. As the natural coating by excellence, granite will fit in just nicely in bathrooms, on kitchen worktops, for chimneys and for a wide range of furniture units. Granite suffers from low absorbency due to its density, so we suggest polished granite, which is more resistant to liquids, and more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. The smooth and shiny appearance of polished granite will last forever. Simply soak a sponge in special liquid to clean. However, cleaning away grease stains can prove more difficult. In this case, sprinkle plaster powder on the stains, and they will disappear after a few days. Special treatments can also be obtained from specialist traders for the removal of grease.