Crystallised glass

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Les Marques

La Marbrerie des Yvelines se charge de la fabrication d'ouvrages standard ou personnalisés, et vous permet également de choisir vos futurs produits dans les catalogues des plus grandes marques spécialisées dans l'aménagement et la décoration.

Inalco Ceramica
Ceramica Bardelli
Astor Ceramiche
Petra Antiqua

Crystallised glass

For decorations, the range of materials available is far-reaching. For example, crystallised glass can be used for coverings. A revolutionary material was made popular by Chinese designers. Crystallised glass occurs in crystal form and can be produced in the same way as traditional glass. Two materials are taken into consideration when designing crystallised glass: crushed glass and natural stone powder. These two noble substances are mixed together to obtain a robust and eye-pleasing glass. In addition to offering the undeniable qualities of natural stones, crystallised glass reflects elegance incarnate. The polished and shiny appearance of crystallised glass is combined with tried and tested resistance, guaranteed to please even the most demanding customers! Crystallised glass is appreciated for its refined look and legendary robustness. However, these are not its only qualities. In fact, crystallised glass is non-toxic and mould-proof. What’s more, the appearance of crystallised glass will remain unchanged and shiny as the years go by. Crystallised glass is multi-purpose, suitable for all climates, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Finally, crystallised glass is non-porous and completely invulnerable to both acid and alkaline solutions. In view of all these properties, crystallised glass can be considered to be in the same category as granite or marble, natural stones which no longer need introducing. It is also worth knowing that crystallised glass is sold at unbeatable prices, making it particularly affordable. Opt for crystallised glass and benefit from a refined material with many virtues. The main characteristic of crystallised glass is its unrivalled pure white colour. When applied, this glass will shine brightly: rays of light will reflect from its surface, as well as penetrate into the glass, a marvel to witness! Customers can select from transparent, semi-transparent or opaque crystallised glass, depending on their individual preferences. Crystallised glass can be used in various locations in homes. Thanks to its hardness, crystallised glass can be used to cover the walls of a pool or a bathroom. It is also ideal for kitchen worktops as it resists temperature variations well and its appearance remains unaffected. Other uses for crystallised glass include floor and wall coverings, alleyways, pillars and halls.