Rex Ceramiche is located at Fiorana, in the Italian province of Modena, and is a registered trademark of the Florim Ceramiche group, one of the jewels of the Italian ceramics industry. Rex Ceramiche was founded around 20 years ago and is specialised in the construction and decoration sectors. Its products are distributed both in Italy and in other countries around the world. Rex Ceramiche started out in 1968 in Modena, the traditional capital of Italian ceramics. In the 1970s, Rex Ceramiche attempted to improve and reinforce the identity of its products on a highly competitive market, particularly by working in partnership with professionals from various sectors (design, architecture, fashion, etc.). In parallel, Rex Ceramiche took up position on specific niches, by launching products on the large-format slab market, where the graphics and usages proposed were exclusive to the brand at the time. In the early 1980s, Rex Ceramiche worked with the famous fashion stylist, Nicolas Trussardi, to present a new interior design and decoration concept, enabling it to stand out from the competition on a long-term basis. Rex Ceramiche is currently continuing on in the same line, the brand is still highly committed to research and the production of elegant, refined and exclusive products, which are guaranteed to expand its renown. Rex Ceramiche ceramics are characterised by their ability to imitate, and even beat, natural materials in terms of appearance and durability. Rex Ceramiche ceramic articles are available in several formats and colours, whether designed for flooring or walls. Just like the other brands of the Florim group, Rex Ceramiche shows true commitment to ethical issues and the protection of the environment. Rex Ceramiche is invested in a unique project in partnership with WWF Italy via the new “Abisko” and “MaTouche” collections. Rex Ceramiche products can therefore boast green labels as their production processes strictly comply with specifications on pollution and recycling. Rex Ceramiche has launched a collection with the evocative name of “Neoedonismo” on the ceramics market, and the name fits well. This magnificent collection includes several options with varying designs and textures: padded, stripes, extra light, shagreen, glamwood, gold, horn, MaTouche, new tribal, pattern and tone. This Rex Ceramiche collection reflects a search for satisfaction and sensual pleasure. Hedonism according to Rex Ceramiche is incarnated by this rich, elegant, unique and, above all, modern collection. Rex Ceramiche products are available from Italian showrooms located at Fiorano and Modena and from approved retailers throughout Europe and the world.