With a proven success for more than 30 years on the world market, Progress Profiles has invested time and money in research and development for products rich in quality and character. These designs are all made in Italy from next-generation machines and instruments that are equipped to work so perfectly stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, brass and everything related packaging, application adhesive or accessories. To be always up to date in technological advances, the company organizes training for both its employees as its distributors.

With logistics enabling it to combine efficiency and punctuality, the company can satisfy its customers worldwide. And these are not numerous quality certifications including ISO 9001 version 2008 which say otherwise. Progress Profiles offers its customers a wide variety of products ranging from flooring to the building. Among them we have the profiles for flooring, steps, expansion and construction joints or baseboards. The company thus provides its customers everything needed for the manufacture of all types of flooring or for general construction.