Petra Antiqua combines true craftsmanship with an elegance that is very special to him. The work of the stone requires flawless precision and a sharp knowledge of the material. The brand, specialized in this craft since 1995, makes every effort to offer quality products.

At Petra Antiqua, customer satisfaction is paramount. It is made possible by the collaboration of the various actors throughout the creation of the product until its finalized version. Everything begins with the design and emergence of original ideas for a rendering both artistic and charming, so as to suit a maximum of interiors and exteriors.


A meeting between stone and art

Petra Antiqua craftsmen then work on prototyping and then installing the stone coverings. Customers play a central role in the process: their wishes are taken into account throughout the manufacturing process so that it is possible to deliver a product that truly meets their needs.

MDY specializes in marble, granite and tiles. Find products of exceptional quality for unique outdoor and indoor environments. The distributor proposes stones made in France and works for a set of prestigious customers, proving the singular character of its products. Indeed, MDY offers quality stones worked with real know-how and the best technologies of the moment.