Milldue Arredi Spa is a leading Italian ceramics manufacturer and a key partner in the field of sanitary equipment. From the design phase to production, Milldue Arredi Spa stands out thanks to its attempt to go the extra mile in terms of refinery, for both style and materials. Milldue Arredi Spa is one of the most creative designers around at the moment, perhaps even one of the best. Just like its predecessors, Milldue Arredi Spa aims to enhance bathrooms, ensuring they fulfil a role to themselves in a home. Milldue Arredi Spa has been based in Treviso (Italy) in recent years and its contemporary creations with their geometric lines never cease to amaze customers. The Milldue Arredi Spa wave of success is not over yet if we base our conclusions on the popularity of the brand in the small world of interior design and design more generally. Milldue Arredi Spa produces two ranges of bathroom units and balneo/spa equipment. Range number one is known as Minimalismo and is designed for moderate budgets. This range includes a large collection of products in a very specific style and with their own colours. Milldue Arredi Spa range number two is known as Luxury, and incarnates the quintessence of the brand’s bathing spirit, which characterises all of its articles, bringing refinery and prestige. Milldue Arredi Spa’s first range includes three different high-performance bath and bathroom collections, designed by Lino Codato. “Kubik” by Milldue is a complete bathroom collection, inspired by cubic perfection. This Milldue Arredi Spa product comes with one special particularity, the linear and adjacent layout of the sink and bath units. “Kubik” by Milldue Arredi Spa exists in several colours (exotic, brushed or lacquered wood). The “Symi” collection is available within the same Minimalismo range by Milldue Arredi Spa, mainly inspired by minimalistic curves. Just like all other Milldue products, “Symi” bathrooms combine ergonomics and user comfort. The third and final product in this Milldue range is known as “Fly”, in honour of the designer Lino Codato, who left us in 2008. “Fly” was designed in the same spirit as the two previous Milldue Arredi Spa collections and combines minimalism with a timeless feel. The Luxury range includes two exclusive Milldue Arredi Spa collections: “Majestic” and “Four Seasons”. Both of these collections were inspired by a baroque theme and combine unexpected materials such as steel, granite and glass. These two Milldue Arredi Spa collections are also characterised by an impeccable finish and modern colours. No evacuation works are necessary to install Milldue Arredi Spa equipment, as the baths are equipped with a built-in evacuation system and drain. The main showroom of Milldue Arredi Spa is located at Treviso. However, Milldue products are distributed around the world by approved retailers and are available from a few specialised internet sites.