Lithofin, a company, but also a registered trademark, is known for its cleaner for ceramic flooring, natural stone and concrete. Lithofin has been known and recognised for over thirty years and is currently an international benchmark for cleaning products for flooring and the protection of the environment. Lithofin’s tale began with Glaubrecht Stingel and his firm, Glaubrecht Stingel GmbH, Lithofin’s ancestor. At this time, or in 1953 to be more precise, Blaubrecht Stingel developed a floor cleaning formula by the name of ST57 Kukü. This product was so successful that the company expanded and modernised its modest plant. In 1974, Heinz-Peter Glaubrecht took over the company after finishing his studies in chemistry and attempted to expand the family business. In 1979, the Lithofin brand was finally registered to reinforce the expansion strategy of the company in Europe and around the world. Lithofin currently employs around sixty people and can produce 50,000 litres of produce per day. The company also has a storage capacity of 300 m2. Lithofin products are specially designed to clean, care for and protect ceramic, terracotta, natural stone or concrete flooring. A specific Lithofin product exists for each type of flooring in order to obtain conclusive results and ensure precision and effectiveness. The “Uni” range by Lithofin, for example, is primarily intended to clean, care for and protect ceramic and natural stone walls. This range includes the following products: Lithofin Allex (special cleaner for outdoor surfaces), Lithofin Antiglisse (anti-slip), Lithofin Nettoyant Graffiti (graffiti cleaner), Lithofin Multi-Seal (satin-finish protective film), Lithofin Muro (cleaner to remove cement stains from outdoor walls after works). Lithofin’s ” KF/KZ” range is mainly designed to clean, care for and protect ceramic and porcelain floors and walls. We could mention the following products from this range: Lithofin KF Enlève-ciment (cement remover) for ceramics, porcelain and terracotta, Lithofin KZ Nettoyant Intensif (intensive cleaner), Lithofin KF Sani-joints (joint cleaner) to remove mould and fungi and Lithofin KF Protect-Joints (joint protector). The “Cotto” product range is exclusively reserved for the cleaning, care and protection of terracotta flooring. This range includes three products: Lithofin Wax Finish, for treated floors, Lithofin Cotto Brillant for shiny floors and Lithofin Cotto Easy Clean, an all-in-one floor cleaner. The Lithofin “MN” range cleans, protects and cares for natural stones and concrete slabs. This product group includes, for example Lithofin MN Pierre Propre for the gentle cleaning of outdoor surfaces, Lithofin MN Nettoyant Extérieur for more in-depth cleaning, Lithofin MN Fleckstop to protect porous or fragile floors, Lithofin MN Enduit to protect schist, marble or sandstone flooring, and Lithofin MN Cire Antique to treat aged marble floors.