Kronos Ceramiche is a reputed ceramics manufacturer, which has been operating in the province of Modena, in north Italy, for around twenty years. Kronos Ceramiche is undoubtedly one of the jewels in the Italian ceramics industry, and its work is a long-standing tradition in the country. Kronos Ceramiche was founded in 1980 in the small town of Emilia Romagna. Thanks to its research based on customer satisfaction, Knonos Ceramiche established a reputation which went beyond the Italian borders two decades ago now. The main Kronos Ceramiche products are therefore ceramic materials of various dimensions, suitable for floors and walls, depending on the practical and architectural requirements of customers. Kronos can offer a wide range of high-quality ceramic products, offering resistance, compliance with safety standards and a designer look for both indoor and outdoor tiling. Kronos products are suitable for all types of buildings and architectural styles, ranging from interior design for homes, to the halls of palaces and display rooms of dealers. To give one example, the “Glamour” series of Kronos is special bathroom tiling, available in five highly fashionable colours, with or without patterns, and three different formats. “Glamour” tiling by Kronos offers a contemporary style thanks to its totally graphic colours. The Kronos “Glamour” range comes in “Couture” or “Upgrade” variants. Next comes the “Terramarra” series by Kronos, mainly designed for use in kitchens and lounges. The “Terramara” range by Kronos includes ceramic sandstone tiles for floors and walls, available in four natural colours and three different formats. The Kronos “Terramara” range is ideal for a warm and cosy indoor feel thanks to its matt finish. For a stylish look which is easy to care for, Kronos can offer several collections of top quality enamel-coated ceramic sandstone. “Ekkons”, “Woodker” and “Teknowood” are three ceramic ranges sold by Kronos, which imitate wood parquet to perfection, thanks to an exclusive production process. It is important to realise that the “Ekkons” floor covering is available in a specific format with a length of 120 cm. For outdoor tiling and busy areas, Kronos can offer the “Età Della Pietra” or “Moduo Exter” series or the outdoor variant of “Teknowood”, long-lasting products, which are easy to care for and look great. It is also worth mentioning that the models from the “Età Della Pietra” series have an authentic polished mineral appearance and can be used both indoors and outdoors. “Età Della Pietra” by Kronos is available in four colours, as preferred. The “Alzata” collection is one of the new entries on the list of Kronos product ranges and has not gone unnoticed in the world of interior decoration and design. This collection includes the astounding “Diamond” mosaics, among other items. These mosaics by Kronos have one particularity, they comprise relief and include metal reflections and hues which subtly appear under light. Kronos products are distributed throughout France and the world at thousands of points of sale and by approved distributors.