As a must-have brand on the tiling and sanitary market, Geberit can meet the expectations of both businesses and individuals. Geberit was founded in 1874, and currently operates around fifteen production centres throughout Europe, in the United States and China, employs 6,000 specialised members of staff and generates a turnover of €60 million in France alone. Innovation and reliability are key words for Geberit, a firm which has always aimed to upgrade its products to match changing technologies and demand. Support frames, for example, are just one of the innovations of Geberit: suspension systems for sanitary facilities, reducing space requirements and simplifying upkeep. In addition to its range of support frames, Geberit can offer solid and reliable products such as toilet blocks, bidets, sinks, urinals and various tap components. Geberit mainly focuses on user comfort, as proved by its built-in flushes, which can be triggered by the front or the bottom, or its visible flushes, which are both charming and effective. Geberit products also benefit from the brand’s considerable technological lead over the competition. The invention of cut-off systems, able to control flowrate and modulate the amount of rinsing water used, is just one good example. Although less popular, the connections, drains and evacuation devices proposed by Geberit are just as useful and top-quality. Geberit is a far cry from a 100% capitalistic firm, and accords importance to social and environmental issues. Geberit therefore takes effective action against the potential negative impacts of the production of its products on the environment and is contributing to the reconstruction of schools damaged by the tsunami of 2004.