Since 1970, ceramics Coem strive, through the quality and passion to revive the beauty and authenticity of natural stone for development works. Now, with his experience and technological qualities, Coem is able to offer the best choice of earthenware flooring or wall covering.

Through innovation, the company’s ambition to achieve a very high quality tiles that exceeds that of natural materials, with greater efficiency, compactness, refinement and style. Respectful of nature, wants to see Coem be reflected through the daily, on a floor covering or a wall covering. The famous brand has a wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles manufactured in the heart of the Italian ceramic production area in the tradition of the country.

The Cardoso collection, inspired by the stone of the same name, is widely used in architecture, gray, smooth surface with very good qualities of resistance. Equally chic and sturdy, the Reverso palette is composed of porcelain stoneware tiles mimic travertine plates. La Pietra sabbiosa will fit every interior decorations with its soft warm and neutral shades. Also discover the elegant simplicity of the collection Patchwork, heat qu’apportent Fossila the tiles, the French elegance of the range Borgogna Mix, or the robust gresX2 collection suitable for landscaping.