Stop marketing Quartz kitchen plans

Judgment of 22 February 2018 for the protection of consumers.
MDY will no longer market quartz kitchen tops.

In May 2017, the World Association of Stone Synthesis Manufacturers (A.St.A) had obtained the condemnation to silence from the company MDY and its leader Philippe Ledrans for having launched an alert to the authorities and consumers about the dangers of heavy metals and many chemicals present in Quartz kitchen plans on which consumers prepare their meals.

On February 22, 2018, the decision rendered by the Magistrates of the Court of Appeal of Versailles is unequivocal:
The judgment requested by the A.St.A against MDY before the Commercial Court of Versailles is reformed, because it is clearly formulated that there was neither denigration nor unfair competition.

Thus, it was recognized that MDY and its leader acted in the name of the precautionary principle and was right to alert consumers to the risks to their health by publishing the alarming report of the Institut de Recherches et d’Expertises Scientifiques de Strasbourg (IRES).

Condemned, the A.St.A will have to finance the studies of a college of independent experts who will have to look for the potential dangers of this material used as a kitchen worktop, furniture or interior design.

The wisdom of this new court decision is reassuring for the protection of consumer health.