About Bio2Clean®

A better life, in a healthier environment


Recent events have shown us on several occasions the importance of hygiene in our daily lives.

Whether it was through the Escherichia Coli that caused more fatalities in 2011 than the Fukushima disaster, or Staphylococcus aureus, which, beyond the innumerable hospitalized victims, can kill customers directly in restaurants where hygiene is not rigorous …

From the continental scale to the cellular scale, nature constantly reminds us of our vulnerability to it

This is why humans constantly seek to protect themselves against nature. He first did it on a large scale by putting sensors detecting the movements of tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions, localized weather warnings, to arrive since the avian flu to focus on sanitary protection.

From the liquid to the hands, to the antibacterial kitchen plan …

Combining the new ecological norms with the health habits of consumers, all R & D departments of construction materials manufacturers are poised to discover new “intelligent” applications in materials known as “inert” materials.

A revolution in kitchen plans

Thanks to the combination of two major technological feats, a fundamental advance is now within the reach of all kitchens. By applying the principle of an active tree that works like photosynthesis, on tiles up to 350x150cm, we can now produce antibacterial kitchen plans, thus actively fighting against bacteriological proliferations on a professional scale, but also private.

Indeed, the exceptional properties of BiO2clean make the surface of the kitchen plan sterilized as well as if it was cleaned with bleach 3 times a day!

A revolution within reach

Thanks to optimized production, a BiO2clean kitchen plan costs 20 to 30% less than a synthetic Quartz plan.

It goes without saying that collective kitchens, crèches, schools, restaurants, but also individuals will be able to acquire this revolutionary technology at very accessible pricing conditions.

Bio2Clean, dynamic hygiene brand guaranteed for life!

Born in late 2010, the Bio2Clean brand defies the gloom of the crisis. Launching a range of antibacterial and depolluting floors and walls, the brand was awarded the CSTB Technological Innovation Award in 2010, and then a nomination for the Grand Prix of Innovation at the Paris Fair 2011.

Bio2Clean, based on commercial partners in healthcare with the Cerba laboratories and Clarins, from the public with Roland Garros, real estate development with Kaufman & Broad, demonstrates that these products concern all professional but also private consumers.

Bio2Clean, a gift from nature, respecting nature

Manufactured exclusively from clays, porcelain and minerals, the BiO2clean kitchen planes do not contain any synthetic resins. Therefore, unlike synthetic quartz planes, they can not, in use or recycling, harm public health.

In 2012

Mars: Bio2Clean becomes registered with the Caisse d’Assurance Maladie, in use for the coatings of collective kitchens …

May: Bio2Clean unanimously receives the Special Prize of the Jury of the Grand Prix of Innovation of the Paris Fair.